Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Anniversary and many changes...

My wonderful husband and I are going to be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary tomorrow!! There has been so many changes in the past year, all good:)

I have grown so much in so many ways...I have tears just thinking about how God has been working in my life. I not only have lost weight, but gained so much closer to God in the process.

Here is a picture of my husband and I last year on our anniversary vacation.

And here is a recent picture of the two of us taken by one of our daughters. Sorry if this picture isn't very clear. Something about going from my cell phone to my blog doesn't work so well.

The heavy me and the lighter me, were loved by this man either way:) Thank you God for blessing me with such an amazing man!


  1. Happy Anniversary. You two look wonderful together. Congrats!!
    Have a blessed day!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! You look fantastic!

  3. Happy Anniversary and amen to those great guys who love us through thick and thin. :)