Friday, March 16, 2012

Weigh in week #25

I know this is supposed to be my off week, but I have been feeling so good so I wanted to weigh in today:)

-2.0 lbs

Finally the scale is moving;)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Summer Shopping Fun

I had so much fun shopping this weekend for a few starter outfits for the up coming Spring/Summer seasons! My little guy doesn"t allow for a lot of "trying on" time. I guess 6 year old boys have better things to do. Lol:D Well I did get to pick up a few things:)
I was thrilled to be buying 1-2 sizes smaller in tops and 2 (could be 3) sizes smaller in shorts and capris then last year at this time!! :) I could go smaller in the tan shorts but I really prefer to be able to walk and be comfortable( oh, and BREATH ) :) hehe!! They will probably be to big by the time summer actually comes...but that's ok! I will need to buy a few more outfits by then anyways:-)
These 2 tops are my favorites:) Being a natural redhead I can't wear all colors, but these two I really love!

A new week

I am finding so many blogs inspiring lately. It is amazing to me how many other weight loss bloggers there actually are out there! We all are in search for something "different", even though our end goals are similar...BE A HAPPY PERSON:-)!!!!!!!
*Will seeing a smaller size on your jeans make you happier?
*Will a certain number on the scale make you happier?
*Will running a certain distance make you happier?

Whatever it is you want to be so you are a  happier, more content woman/man. I wish you the best of luck my friends and will be right here with you:)

Here's to enjoying life as a more positive, encouraging, loving, compassionate person!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finding Peace

I am reading a wonderful devotional right now, that has my mind really wondering about things.
The topic today was that Gluttony seems to be overlooked as an acceptable Christian sin. I am questioning what exactly is the end result people are looking for in terms of weight loss? Scripture tells us to let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts. Isn't peace what we want most in our lives- even our health?
WOW...that is powerful stuff! I think being successfull for me will be when I stand on the scale and feel peace, no matter what the number says.
I read this quote yesterday "Food fills your stomach, but never your soul". How true!

Hoping you will find your Peace in you life and weight loss journey:)


Friday, March 9, 2012

Weigh in week #24

Here are the results:


A half a pound gain is nothing considering it has been two weeks since I weighed in and it's that TOM;)

I am enjoying my family time and time with friends. I feel better and more confident than ever:)

Bring on Summer!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Blog

I started up another Blog, devoted to my cooking/baking. I have really missed sharing both new and old recipes with my friends. I am really looking forward to this new adventure! Hopefully you will stop by and take a look:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A smashing sucess in the kitchen = Everything in moderation!

As some of you may know, I Love to cook/bake!I actually used to have a Blog devoted to sharing old passed on recipes as well as newly discovered ones. My purpose was to try to get people to spend quality time together at meals as well as making memories in the kitchen with our children for the generations to come. I grew up watching my Grandparents cook/bake for everyone/anyone. My Grandfather made the best soup, pig n blankets, cookies etc.. My Grandmother was always bringing over homemade breads and muffins. My grandparents have both passed away but are never far from my heart!
I haven't really been doing much when it comes to baking since I started on my weight loss journey. I sort of feel like a piece of me has been missing when I stopped doing something that I loved. So the other day I put my skills to the test and... I havent lost my "gift" ;)
This is one of my favorites:)

Kentucky Chocolate Chip Pie

*This is not a low calorie or low fat dessert by any means. But worth every single bite:) I love that on Weight Watchers you can have everything in moderation..even pie:)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not much going on

My life has been busy with not a whole lot to blog about. I am currently at a stall in the weight loss department. I feel like right now I am just maintaining my weight loss. That's great because I love how I look and feel:) I know there are still 10 lbs. to lose, but it will come off when its ready. "Slow and steady wins the race"

Friday, March 2, 2012


I will not be doing a weigh in today. This is my Bye-week that I talked about doing in an earlier post. I will weigh in next Friday:)
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Being honest with yourself and others

I have really opened up my struggles to the world lately, I feel like. I used to keep everything inside and not share my feelings or thoughts with anyone. This time around it is different. I find myself talking openly about my struggles on this journey with fb, strangers, anyone who will listen. I am hoping this will help someone else and me:)
I love blogging, but also donot want anyone to compare themselves to me, in regards to weight/ weigh in's. I feel like that sets us up for failure. I still find myself feeling like I need to "catch up" with other peoples weight loss..why do we do this to ourselves?? God made us all different for a reason, we are made in his image...I need to remember this!
I was talking openly on fb this morning about having to change mentally now that I have changed physically. When I look in the mirror I still see a fat person. Even though I am not. I see rolls, big thighs etc... Crazy!! I am perfect in God's eyes!!!!! Why can't I see that sometimes?
I think everyone has struggles and needs to be reminded that we are here to support one another through life's journey, weight loss etc...
I am here for you and you have been here for me:)