Monday, March 12, 2012

Summer Shopping Fun

I had so much fun shopping this weekend for a few starter outfits for the up coming Spring/Summer seasons! My little guy doesn"t allow for a lot of "trying on" time. I guess 6 year old boys have better things to do. Lol:D Well I did get to pick up a few things:)
I was thrilled to be buying 1-2 sizes smaller in tops and 2 (could be 3) sizes smaller in shorts and capris then last year at this time!! :) I could go smaller in the tan shorts but I really prefer to be able to walk and be comfortable( oh, and BREATH ) :) hehe!! They will probably be to big by the time summer actually comes...but that's ok! I will need to buy a few more outfits by then anyways:-)
These 2 tops are my favorites:) Being a natural redhead I can't wear all colors, but these two I really love!


  1. I definitely enjoy shopping more when I'm in my goal size! :-) So excited summer is coming.

  2. What great buys! I especially loved the blue top!

  3. Cute clothes! Congrats on the smaller sizes too! That is awsome :).