Thursday, March 1, 2012

Being honest with yourself and others

I have really opened up my struggles to the world lately, I feel like. I used to keep everything inside and not share my feelings or thoughts with anyone. This time around it is different. I find myself talking openly about my struggles on this journey with fb, strangers, anyone who will listen. I am hoping this will help someone else and me:)
I love blogging, but also donot want anyone to compare themselves to me, in regards to weight/ weigh in's. I feel like that sets us up for failure. I still find myself feeling like I need to "catch up" with other peoples weight loss..why do we do this to ourselves?? God made us all different for a reason, we are made in his image...I need to remember this!
I was talking openly on fb this morning about having to change mentally now that I have changed physically. When I look in the mirror I still see a fat person. Even though I am not. I see rolls, big thighs etc... Crazy!! I am perfect in God's eyes!!!!! Why can't I see that sometimes?
I think everyone has struggles and needs to be reminded that we are here to support one another through life's journey, weight loss etc...
I am here for you and you have been here for me:)


  1. I have been on my journey since 2005. It took me until 2008 to lose 80 pounds. It is now 2012 and I am still working on the mental part. It takes a long time to work through that stuff. I do know that the transformation inside does happen. It takes time and patience. I also agree about not comparing our journey to someone else. It really can do no good. I am glad we are sharing and supporting one another on this journey. It is not easy and having friends that truly understand the struggle makes a difference. It brings me comfort. I am here for you too!

  2. So true!! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I understand this. I find myself comparing my journey to those of other people, and it's a tough habit to break. But my journey (and its victories and challenges) are my own, and someone else may have his/her struggles that I am lucky to not have to work with.

    I also understand the visual self not synching up with your mind - it took me a few months of maintenance before I started to recognize myself in the mirror, and some days I still find myself surprised at my reflection.