Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Progress: ) and my first clean breakfast

My overnight oats were not horrible, but very heavy in my stomach. I could only eat a few bites. I am going to try a hot oatmeal recipe this morning and see if I prefer that more.

Here's to another great day, full of making better choices:)


  1. I havent tried the overnight oats yet but I have been eating oats every morning. I do 1/2 cup whole oats, with cinnamon (as much as you want, I just sprinkle until the top is covered), fill half the bowl with water and microwave for 1.5 min and stir then add 2 packets truvia, 1 serving miralax(for the tummy) and I added raisins today and it is so yummy!! I am also taking ACV capsules to help with digestion and I think they are really helping with my tummy issues.

  2. I've been wanting to try overnight oats for a while but have yet to do so. As much as I love PB and other nut butters I'm not fanatical about having them in oatmeal. The only exception being when I take dried oats mixed with 2TBSP of pb to create a "crumble" and use it to top some warm strawberries. So yummy :)

  3. Love oats...but do NOT like the "heavy" in the tummy feeling either!!! Really have to cut my portion way down which means I have to eat something else later...(but sooner) so it's always a tweaking and adjusting ....isn't it??? Have a great weekend.

  4. Here's to good choices! By the way, I eat an oatmeal every day called Pure, Raw, & Simple- and it's FANTASTIC! Check it out. :) You won't be sorry; promise!