Monday, June 25, 2012

Clean Eating 1 Week Review

Overall this week went very well and I was very happy with the choices that I had made. I didn't notice any changes in my energy level, but I am also adjusting to working 12 hour shifts. I did though experience more of a full feeling and was less apt to snacking between meals. The one huge difference for me was I felt a ton less bloated! I hate that feeling, so this was a nice change:)

Here are some of my favorite changes from the week:

Granola that is locally made right here close to my town, paired with Greek Yogurt.

Chia Powder purchased at the Whole Food store. I added this to my yogurt, it adds a thicker consistency along with tons of health benifits!! The powder is easier for your syestem to digest than Chia Seeds.

All natural snack bar. It was delicious!

OMG!!! I picked up a package of these on my way out of the whole food store and after
1 bite I was hooked! The best peanut butter cup I have ever eatten!

Fresh Cherries = BLISS:)

Fresh sliced pears topped with Greek Yogurt. Then sprinkled with a Tbsp. of Good Life Granola. Heavenly!


  1. Wow, that really does like a yummy week indeed. Clean eating looks fantastic :D

  2. it ALL looks great...well, I've never had the Chia powder, but I used to get the little packets of organic peanut butters in flavors and put them in my Marine's box when he was in Afghanistan. He liked them, (plus his name is Justin, so it was kind of neat) I (heart) cherries! STAY STRONG...Glad it is all working out in the adjustments!! :-) I am trying to get into an early am walking regimen...argh..just gotta get CONSISTENT!! O.O :-)