Monday, September 24, 2012

Having a purposeful life

Today my heart feels very heavy. I am really struggling lately with a lot of feelings that maybe my new job isn't the right fit for me.
It makes me cry every time I think about whether it is bringing my life purpose? I will tell you a little about what I do/did for a job and maybe you can relate a little more that way.
I previously worked at an assisted living center for the past 10 1/2 years before leaving in June. I currently am employed at a local hospital as a  housekeeper. I was hoping to use this as a "starter" position to get my foot in the door.
I really feel like I am not serving God in this position....Does that make sense?
I am a people person with a big heart and my gifts are being "bottled up" and put on the back burner.
I need to keep praying that God will show me what I should do....
Please Pray for peace and that if change is the right path for me.
In God I will serve no matter the place:)

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