Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moving On

I have been absent from Blogger the last few days. I am getting back to the things I loved to do do before my life was consumed by losing weight. Do you ever feel like you have forgotten who you are? besides a person who is trying to lose weight?

Michelle is my name. I love to read, craft, scrapbook, take pictures, be outdoors, camping, walking, riding bike, shopping, baking/cooking, canning etc... I love my family, God and myself. I am not just the girl who has lost almost 45 pounds...

I have been reading 2 different books the last few days and I am in awe of the writers and their message.

This devotional is wonderful. Please check it out:)

If you are a wife, you MUST read this book, it is an amazing read!! Everything about it hits home for me and it will for you too.

I also have been doing a few crafts:0)

I found this idea on Pinterest. You take an old picture frame,insert a piece of notebook paper instead of a picture. I decorated mine with a few buttons and scrapbooking flowers:) Now you have a dry erase message board to leave messages for your family. *Use with dry erase markers only*

I love making my own cards!! It is something I have been wanting to get back to for a while now.

I will end this post with the Prayer from my devotional today.

Dear Jesus,thank you for creating me as you did. I Pray today that I would think as much of you as I do my appearance. Help me to be a woman of substance today and honor you in the time I spend on me versus the time I spend with you, Amen.


  1. Love your crafts! I wish I had more time to do more of "Pinned" projects. I also think I will be checking into that P31 book. Thanks for the recommendation!! You are awesome!

  2. It is easy to lose yourself when you become determined to change and some things do suffer.. however, I look at it this way. I have neglected my weight and health for many years whilst doing other things I enjoy, so for 12 months, me, my weight, fitness and health come first.. then I will balance everything out.

  3. I agree 100% I'v been so focused on my weight loss everything else in my lief has taken a back seat,While it does suck in some sense, but at the same time i think for me its what keeps me focused,However with our Wedding Coming up I need to spend some time doing some wedding related things which iv been slowly incorporating back in my life :) which is good because if I don't get on the ball with things LOL Things are going to be missing from the wedding!

  4. I love your crafts :) I scrapbook and make cards too, but with trying to lose weight and school I don't find the time for it!

  5. Great getting to know the real you!

    I know exactly how you feel and agree with some of the others that now is the time to focus on my health but I hope to be able to loosen the reigns a bit at some point in the future.