Thursday, May 17, 2012

A great day

Yesterday was the best day:)

I put my house all back together now that we are almost finished painting the main level of our house. It looks so nice and refreshed:)

I planted a flat of impatients, and went to get my hair cut. I also received a very important phone call about my job interview. Prayers are appreciated as I am moving forward in the hiring process:)

I also started lifting weights again...I am feeling the burn this morning!

Have a blessed day everyone:)


  1. First, great job on the loss! :)

    Second...your haircut is so cute and you have a great face for it!

    Glad things are going well.

  2. Ooh, painting! Something on my list of things to do, as well! :)

  3. You are HERE! I only knew because of your comment today...Last time I visited (whenever that was - seems quite a while back...I got a notice that your blog was NO LONGER! ) I figured you deleted it and many others have that I know of...I am glad to see you are still HERE!. and CONGRATS on your continued loss...woot! Your haircut looks so cute on you...Your "lifting weights" again was a motivator for me, because since I came to Iowa, I have only been doing hand weights since it's all I brought...(the guys equipment was moved out or consigned ) when we sold the house...sigh...I have been looking for a bench on Craig's right now. I can REALLY REALLY tell the difference since I stopped the strength training on the bench back in Charlotte. :-( so you are motivating me to keep on and FIND that bench and start burning again. Thanks!!
    Thanks for visiting. :-) (hug)and kudos.

    1. I had some issues with my account that I needed to get fixed:) Tx for stopping by!