Sunday, May 6, 2012

Praying on the spot

I struggle every day with comparison and envy. They are not healthy atributes to have by any means.
Sitting in church this morning there I was in the pew behind two beautiful young wives/mothers and what was going through my head? "I am not as skinny as them', "There outfits are better than mine"....I am not good enough.
Do I still feel this way?
I know I have worked so hard and Prayed even harder to get where I am weight wise. I will always be a work in progress when it comes to staying at a healthy weight, but I know I am doing my best. Now if I can just remember I AM GOOD ENOUGH:)

Faith looks at God instead of looking inward at inadequacies, problems, or circumstances.
Is there an area in your life or weight loss journey where you need to refocus? I would love to Pray for you:)


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  1. Especially if you were in church, you know that God made you beautiful in your OWN way... I think it's easy to look around and think those things, but you never know the depth of their souls... Did they have to work for those bodies? If so, good for them! But do they appreciate them like you appreciate yours?

    Hugs to you!