Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weighing in & holding myself accountable

I did my first weigh in, well in a while actually. It is not pretty.


I am not happy about this, but it was my choice to make bad decisions. The hubby and I went to Dairy Queen a couple times, birthday dinners, extra snacking. Just poor choices in general were the culprit here.

I weighed in today at a fellow bloggers site.
At home with Kim

She does a Wednesday weigh in and I think moving to Wednesday for weigh ins will give me double the accountability:) I apparently need it;)

Time to see those extra pounds vanish for next weeks weigh in!!


  1. OMG - do not say DAIRY QUEEN. I could live there.

    1. I am pretty sure most of the 4 pounds came from the French silk pie blizzard I devoured...darn you dairy goodness;)