Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weigh in

Oh boy, confession time!

I posted a few days ago that I had hit my 50 lb. mark, and I did. I was so thrilled!!

I took that as an opportunity to indulge a little, and now here we are on weigh in day and I have to tell you that the scale showed NO loss:( The numbers are the same as last Wed. So those few pounds I was down came back on with a vengeance!

Nutty Bars, dinner at Applebees and movie theater treats are the reason I gained those few extra pounds I was down back.

Today is a new day:)
Looking forward to seeing a loss for next week!


  1. It's all about getting "recentered." And it sounds like you are. Can't wait to hear about a nice loss next week! :)


  2. If you indulged a little and maintained I'd say that is GREAT :D

  3. Oh, man! Isn't it amazing how quickly food can affect your weight? Yay for no gain, though! :) Today is definitely a new day!

  4. And don't forget how "FLUCTUATING" womens' weight is...If we weighed every day for a month and stayed on the same eating and workout regimen, we would see a pattern similar to a seismograph...some with larger variations than others. It's just a part of being a person with a pronounced cycle in our operating systems. ;-) I always tell myself that to record a 'real' weight gain, I would have to have maintained that increase for two weigh-ins...otherwise, I am showing an uptick on the graph that will go back down in the rhythm of things...but if I have definitely "cheated" :-o I quick get back on the regimen. It's a journey...that's for sure. Hugs to you and great attitude! Have a super Thursday. Thanks for the continued motivation to "keep on."