Monday, December 12, 2011

12 short weeks

With tears in my eyes I share with you this post.

If 6+ years ago I would have known that in 12 weeks I could change my life for the better...

*More energy to do daily activities; example: climbing the stairs.

*Going to the beach with my family, and enjoying it! Not sitting on a towel while everyone else is swimming and having fun!

*Go for bike rides

*Add years to my life:)

*Go for walks/hiking


*Feeling confident!!

*Look good in my clothes

*Most of all just ENJOY LIFE!

* Weighing in at 186.6 :-)

I wish for everyone to have this feeling, it is truly Priceless !

Determination + Discipline,



  1. You are such an inspiration~ I love this post! I hope TONS of people read it!!!!

  2. This post is absolutely priceless too! I mean, you have done so well and inspire me so much. You're the best! ♥

  3. I have one thing to say....YOU DA WO-MAN!!! keep on girl... congrats. :-) smiling with you. :-)

  4. First visit to your blog-and what a joyful post to see for a first visit. Congratulations!