Friday, December 30, 2011

Note to self: Don't skip breakfast!

During my weight loss attempts I always have one constant thing that I have to make an effort at each and every day...

Eating Breakfast

They say people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight than people who eat something at the beginning of the day.

So that is "me" a "breakfast skipper". I have to make myself eat something in the morning instead of getting up and just starting my normal daily routine without thinking about food until around 10 a.m. ( granted I get up around 5:30 a.m. each day)But I never miss Snack Time...It's my favorite:)

My "fuel" of choice in the morning so far since switching to WW is Strawberry Yogurt Burst Cheerios with Almond Milk.

I love this, it's super yummy! You have to give it a try:)


  1. What I do not like about most cereal is the serving size. 120 calories for 3/4 of a cup. On their website they show a full bowl. It is either 3 servings or an egg cup. 9g of sugar per serving is also more than I want in a morning.

    I used to always eat cereal in the mornings but I realized I needed more protein. Recently I have switched to either a boiled egg and a banana, or a fried egg sandwich on 40 calorie, high fiber slice bread. It fills me up better.

    I do miss a large bowl of cereal though..

  2. We don't have almond milk here, but I definitely need to get better on the breakfasts!