Friday, December 2, 2011

Dinner guests

Ok, another dilemma.

We are going over to a couple from churches house for dinner with 3 other couples.

I am looking forward to it...but I am not:(

I have been a nervous wreck worrying about what the menu would be etc...I know most people would say "wow girl you worry way to much!". But they don't understand how hard I am working to hit my goals and lose this weight.

I talked to my husband about what I would like to do, and that is bring my own salad along for dinner.Is this totally wrong of me????? I don't want to offend her but with low carb you are limited on food choices and I feel like going off it even for a min. is going to throw me off like Thanksgiving did(I was up right away the next day:()

Please tell me I am not a horrible person for doing this......


  1. Being an "all things in moderation" person I would just eat whatever is served; however, I can see where you're coming from about not wanting to fall off your plan.

    Yet, I'm going to be very blunt with you...You're not horrible, but I find it offensive when people bring their own food to a meal that is not a pot luck unless it's for a medical reason, like my friend's mother who has Celiac's Disease and for years could only eat Ensure for meals, or a diabetic who needs to watch their sugar. Some people think being overweight is the same as what I've mentioned, but I do not.

    My opinion is to eat something before you go, and then only eat items of the meal that fit your plan. If it's very little, then just explain you're watching what you eat and "Thank you for having us!!" etc. etc. and enjoy the visiting.

    This is just me. I don't know your friends, etc., so they may not mind at all if you brought your own salad. Ultimately, you'll have to decide what to do.

    Good luck!

  2. I totally understand your "worries". I go through the same worries all the time. I personally would not be offended if someone brought their own food with them. I have learned that your real friends will understand and not care. One thing you can consider is bringing a salad for everyone and let your friend know who is cooking that you would like to do this to "help". Then you know your salad will be there for you! The other option is to eat a big salad before you go and just have small tastes of the other stuff. I know that is not the best answer as I have tried before and I hate people asking me why I am not eating much. You don't want the hostess to think you don't like the food. Anyway- just my thoughts! Good luck!

  3. You're not horrible at all. What I used to do when I was on low carb, was to let people know in advance that I would be bringing something. For those that are understanding I would tell them why, and for others I would say it was because I had stomach issues (which is kind of true, because going off plan GAVE me stomach issues.) :) Good luck!

  4. I say call your hostess and let her know...if she doesn't already - that you are on a weight loss regimen...that you do NOT want to let diet restrictions in your current life keep you from having fellowship with friends who are gathering for a meal. Ask her if she would be uncomfortable or offended if you brought your own prepared meal to eat while the others enjoy her goodies...I can not imagine a gracious hostess EVEN being offended. she would probably be upset if she felt like coming to the meal pressured you into breaking your very faithful commitment to your goals...just my humble opinion. Hugs either way. Don't worry! IT will increase your appetite to eat something for comfort LOL!!!!!!!!!! You'll be fine! xo

  5. I would call the hostess and give her the heads up (I mean who better understands a female brain than another female). Perhaps she'll adjust the menu to something you can eat or at the very least not be offended when you bring your own dinner.

  6. As someone who follows high protein/low carb diet, I totally get this post! When I do put a carb in my mouth, watch out cookie jar! I've already read your most recent post so I know you decide to call the hostess and bring your own food, but I would have totally suggested that to you! I give you a lot of credit for being so strong.