Thursday, December 1, 2011

Update on my Shred Challenge

I am super excited about my progress so far!!

Waist: -2 inches

Hips: -3 inches

Thigh: same

Bust: -1 1/2 inches

Arm: same

* Started this on November 22

Here are a couple pics of me, I normally do not take body shots but wanted you to get an idea of what I look like besides my face:) Sorry they aren't very good...good thing I am not a photographer for a living!


  1. Keep On! :-) A diet is not a four letter word to hate. It is a goal for a lifetime of getting healthy. A diet is not to enforce HARSH unbelievable restrictions on ourselves. It is to monitor and LIMIT certain things in our food groups that are not what we need. So that Thanksgiving splurge??? You didn't cheat, you didn't sin, you didn't fail. You ALLOWED... You let yourself enjoy a day of celebration for many many things, one of which was to taste and swallow and RELISH some delicious TREATS. ONE day. it's OKAY! As my personal trainer son tells me. WE do NOT gain weight by giving a little respite from the "NO! can not eat" foods for one day. IF there's a birthday, a party, a holiday, know that it's gonna happen. just use moderation. ALLOW! I did. :-) No Guilt. No beating yourself up. Christmas is coming. ALLOW!
    have fun at Disney!!!! Hugs to you....looking good! xo

  2. Woo Hoo! You are doing great! I am guessing you need some new clothes?!?!?!?