Thursday, December 29, 2011

Getting used to the changes

Well I am a few days into my diet change over to Weight Watchers and I definitely had some not so pleasant side effects last night.

We had hot dogs for dinner...not my first choice but my younger children love them.

Keep in mind I haven't had any processed meat in many months. Not even 30 minutes after our meal I was running to the bathroom:( I had never felt so awful in my life!!! I first thought maybe I had the flu, but I am feeling fine this morning now that I got rid if all the "nasty" food I ate.

I and my stomach are not ready for some of these foods yet. It looks like I will need to add more carbs in slowly.  Otherwise the switch is going well, and I am loving some of the new options I can enjoy. I will share some of them with you all tomorrow:)


  1. oops! glad you are feeling better! My hubs and son still here at home Love hot dogs...I try to stay away from them for myself. {:) Hugs to you and Keep On! rah!

  2. I know your kids may love them, but why not wean them off processed foods to? It will make your program be more successful and be good for the kids health.

    I removed most of the crap from my kids diet when they were young so they don't miss fast food, soda or the heavily processed junk foods.

    Just a thought :)

  3. I've gone from low carb to "normal carb" and it had the same effect. :) Try increasing carbs slowly, that will help :)