Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why I want to change my life

I haven't shared with all of you my main reason why changing my life has become such a passion of sorts...

I have lost many loved ones the last few years. My Grandfather passed away from Leukemia,he was a diabetic. My other Grandfather died of a massive heart attack, also was diabetic. I lost a Grandmother to many years of battling different types of Cancer, she was a diabetic. Another Grandmother just recently passed away from a stage 4 brain tumor, I lost my mother in law at the age of 59 from stage 4 Bone Cancer, a aunt at the age of 54 just passed away from Cancer. My husband lost both his Grandparents in the last 3 years from Cancer as well and his Grandfather was a Diabetic.

1 more, MY FATHER...he suffered from a Heart Attack a couple of years ago in his late 50's. He also was dealing with Diabetes.

Diabetes is a heart felt concern for me, trying to avoid this is my passion. I had Gestational Diabetes during my pregnancy with my 3rd child and was told considering my family history Type 2 Diabetes is a 90% sure thing for me in my life unless I make some changes...

My father fought hard after his heart attack, he put his life back on track with a healthy diet and exercise routine and because of those changes he is NO LONGER a Diabetic!!!! Praise the Lord!! He looks and feels amazing, and I am so proud of him:)

For these many reasons, I feel that it is my job to treat my body with the most resepect possible! I am given a healthy body...I think it would be a shame to disrespect this wonderful gift by putting "crap" (sorry) into my body and letting this valuable gift slip away when so many others have lost there lives...I still have mine and I want to be hear as long as possible to enjoy this gift God has blessed me with! :)

Wouldn't you??

Don't live your life saying "I will start tomorrow" Because you may only have today. So make the best of this GLORIOUS day and treat yourself and your body with the respect and care it deserves :-)


  1. Have you watched FoodMatters and ForksoverKnives? Both go into detail about proper diet and nutrition and how almost any issue can be reversed. Many people have seen diabetes reversed through a change in lifestyle and diet.

    Funny I read this as I just posted how most serious weight loss or change in lifestyle has a 'Why' moment. It is always interesting to read each person's why..

    Good luck!

  2. OUTSTANDING Reason to do what you are doing...the motivation to start something "LIFE-changing" is definitely there for you girl. so MANY in your family have passed away too young...oh my. Glad you are INTENTIONAL! I am 51, and knew if I didn't get myself into gear, and in shape probably wasn't gonna happen. I am just about at my year mark. I have decided exercise is more in the mind at first -discipline, commitment...and then just becomes habit-routine, a part of your daily regimen, like a shower, brushing your teeth, etc. Eating is simply being AWARE of what you have put in your mouth any given day so that you are always staying balanced, and for someone with diabetes threats, I'm sure it involves more thought. Most Americans eat WAY TOO much sugar, fats and "empty calories"...just getting little or no nutrition for making their body run correctly and optimally. We do not own our bodies...we are stewards. SO! I'm with ya. :-) May 2012 be THE year that Nutrition and Training come to the point where we don't have to focus on it anymore, because we have mastered the discipline and commitment to keep it at it's proper place... in the correct perspective! (HARD with everything else going on that would steal a woman's attention away from this important factor.) We have many things and people and matters pulling at us to give our attention to. We need to be energetic and in shape enough to handle it all and still feel GOOD! RAH! Hugs to you and KEEP ON, GIRL! Health is one of the most valuable gifts there is in this earth-journey. YOU know! Have an outstanding day. One day, one pound, one weigh-in at a time...The pursuit continues. xo

  3. These are some very serious reasons.. Diabetes is taking over the western world it seems, and we really need to fight it!

  4. That's a tremendous amount of loss. I'm so sorry. But yes, perfect reasons to get and stay healthy. You can do it!

  5. You have had to deal with so much loss and illness. I am sorry that you have had to deal with that. The good thing is that is was a wake up call for you and a motivater that I believe will cause you to keep your health in check and you will be an amazing role model for friends and family!!!