Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am seriously in tears right now:'( I happen to come upon a podcast from July from a blog I occasionally follow called Roni's Weigh.

She was answering questions she received from followers emails. It was like she was speaking to me...

One of the questions in particular was about switching from low carb to WW. that not what I have done and back again! I am that person she talks about. Can't go out to restaurants or go to peoples houses because you are afraid of what you will be able to eat. Going through your life with tunnel vision, only concentrating on one goal "lose weight". While everything moves on around you and you are "missing it".

"Carbophobic"..that sums it all up!

I do not want to be this person. I want to enjoy everything, food included. I know that life is short. Having lost so many close people to me recently. As Roni says she decided to switch to WW and it was the best decision she ever made. Roni also speaks of going back and forth with different diets, but this is and was the best choice for her(WW).

I have some thinking to do, but I am pretty sure I have come to a decision. I own my life and want to make the best choices for me. Sometimes it takes a few "signs" for you to realize what the path is....


  1. i think you have had that crucial epiphany -- this is for life & you need to find a plan that works with your life.
    and when it clicks -- it clicks for life!
    i am a 4th time repeat WW offender -- lose,leave, try another diet, etc. but i always come back to WW because it works & you can live life on it! this is my 4th & last time!!!

  2. Weight watcher is what started me on my journey, I have to admit i don't follow it anymore but for me i think i needed it to learn the portions control & Learn to eat properly.. If you ask me WEight watchers saved my life!

  3. The main reason I ditched low carb was because it made life harder for me. I was losing weight, but it was a constant pressure of what I could eat and not. Going to social events was a nightmare, I seriously could not stand it.

    Counting calories is easier. I just add exercise to level things out if I have a big night planned.. with low carbing, that doesn't work. If you eat too many carbs you can't exercise them away as such.

    I hope you find your path!

  4. I am such a carb whore myself. But cutting carbs can make depression worse so I use that as an excuse not to cut them. LOL