Friday, February 17, 2012

Week #21 Weigh In

Here are today's results:
-.5 lbs.

Half a pound is a loss and I will take it:) I know it is getting harder and I am probably not going to see huge numbers to much anymore and that's ok:-) I am reconsidering my weight goal of 65 pounds though that would put me at an unhealthy weight and not realistic to maintain. I am changing my goal to 55 pounds overall.
Have a great rest of the day everyone!


  1. I think it's a good idea to go for 55. If you feel like you should lose a few more at that point, you can take it from there. The most important part is being healthy, not losing the most weight possible. Our bodies need some fat. :) Congrats on your loss!

  2. Any loss is a good loss. Yes you need to have the big ultimate goal, but I am finding just concentrating on the next small 5 lbs goal helps too.

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't wait to read through yours and learn more about you, your journey, and your family. :)