Monday, February 20, 2012

Talking Cereal

I am many of you are cereal eaters? A while back I posted about needing to make sure I didn't skip breakfast, as that is a bad habit of mine. It is a daily struggle to eat in the morning and not wait until 10/11:00 to finally eat something.
What are some of your favorite choices for breakfast?
I am really enjoying this cereal choice for breakfast lately:)
*picture taken from my phone, so its not the best

Haha....sorry the pic is not the right way:D


  1. I usually do yogurt in the morning. I love the chobani pineapple. Lately I have been doing plain greek with berried added...sometime I add dry oatmeal if I will be having a late lunch. :)

  2. Cereal is something I have a problem eating in moderation, but every now and then when I am feeling more in control, I give it a try. I like raisin bran, peanut butter Cheerios (they're whole grain and not overly sweet like peanut buttery kid cereals!), and any of the Fiber One cereals.

  3. my FAVORITE breakfast is rice krispies with banana and skim milk...YUM

  4. Why eat breakfast if you don't want it? Your body may have a different "clock". I know it means break fast after not eating all night but if you don't feel like breakfast I say wait until you feel like eating so you will enjoy what you decide to eat. We dieters have gotten into this mindset about metabolism, starvation mode, etc. There are many who fast for day(s) at a time. I say listen to your body.

  5. I love granola cereal and fiber one with silk vanilla almond milk.