Thursday, April 19, 2012

Being ready doesn't mean you are

My husband is always telling me that I just need to stick with one thing (like dieting). It's my personality to like and thrive on change. I am always changing my clothes, at least 2x a day, moving around my furniture, changing hair styles...It's just ME.

I get bored.

I AM going to cut out most of my carbs again, while still changing some of my families food choices to healthier clean ones. I think changing pastas, peanut butter important for them even if I will not be eating those same foods.

I am still eating all whole foods and no processed foods on Atkins. Eggs, cheese, meat, salads:) etc.. are still very healthy options. I am looking forward to seeing the results after the first week back on plan. So I will do a 1 week weigh in next Thursday.

Looking forward to sharing the results with all of you:)

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  1. Thanks for linking your blog! Oh, I can really relate to feeling frustrated and trying different ways to get healthy. I pray that you will find what is the best path for you and that you'll experience wonderful results!!! You can do it!