Wednesday, April 4, 2012


When do you remember not being on a "diet". I have always been a small child. In middle school I was my heaviest, during those years of "change". In high school I changed my eating habits, not on purpose, it just happened. Boys came along, I was very social, worked and the extra pounds came off. Then I got pregnant with my first daughter I was wearing a 14/16 at 9 months, I thought I was going to die!! That was FAT for me having always been a 9 slim. WOW if I had only known almost 16 years later I would love to be in a size 9 slim, and I mean those 9's were straight out of the drier and fit like a glove;) Paired with a tight top and boots and I was ready for the day!
I know realize I am not ready to be a 9 slim and living on animal crackers and Diet Coke:) I need MORE! I still love my Diet Coke though.
Someday's I feel like if I even smell a donut and not only do I gain weight, but something somewhere gets squishier;)
Thanks for letting me ramble on today!

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