Saturday, April 14, 2012

Changing is hard

As you know from my last post I have decided to change some of the foods I eat. I was all for totally switching everything to a Clean Diet but, it is really hard! I love food and a lot of it is WW meals, granola bars, etc.. But I AM trying:)

*This was my first attempt at changing my Breakfast OK..this was horrible! It tasted terrible, actually it didn't taste like anything. I am thinking smoothies maybe a better option for me. I love flavorful foods and oats is not one of those for me. Trial and error I guess:)

*Now this was good! I switched our regular JIF peanut butter and bought lightly salted Organic rice cakes. I really like this for a quick snack:)

* I love salads as some of you know, but I tried switching my favorite ranch dressing for rasberry vinegrette.

NO , I do not like it sam I am ;-)

This is not really going so well is it??!!

I like what I like I guess, not sure if that is going to change. Lol

I guess after 33 years I am still the picky, little freckled face red-head my momma made sit at the kitchen table all afternoon until I would finish my ham loaf;)


  1. Well you're making an effort to TRY, and that's all that matters :D

  2. Kudos to you for trying.
    I much prefer baked oatmeal to the traditional way. In fact I just posted about Chocolate Banana Baked die for. Hope you check it out and give it a try. I promise you will never look back!

  3. Is that quick oats? They may be part of the problem if so, try it with old fashioned oats, 1 tsp vanilla boiled in the water, sprinkle of cinnamon while simmering add some raisins after and 1tbsp peanut butter. I also add splenda brown sugar but that's not "clean". And remember don't cook it all the way through and it wont be so slimy, i only cook mine for about 3 mins and i add a little less water to oats than it calls for. 1/2 cup water to 1/2 cup oats. Let me know how it goes when you try it out. Now i think I am going to go home at lunch and make me some. :)

  4. People always think rice cakes are styrofoam-y, but they can be really good! And I agree with the oats - it can be hard to eat, if they don't taste good. Then, you sit there, constantly chewing, like a cow chewing cud. And that is NOT the picture I want of myself in my head, haha!