Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Missing my honey

I am just checking in quick today:) I am doing good so far this week, but am really missing my husband who has been gone hunting with a bunch of buddies for a while. I miss him something terrible!!! He is not only my husband but my best friend. I wish I could have shared my weigh in results with him yesterday, he would have said the same thing he says every week "my wife is such a hooottiiee!!" God I love that man!!


  1. Aww, sorry you miss your honey :) I think a little distance is great for a relationship sometimes though, realizing that you miss each other and all that. :)

  2. I am sorry that your hubby is away. I always want to share my good news right away with my husband. I would shout you are a hooooottttiiieee if it would make you feel better.... but I don't think it would!!! :)

  3. Love it! And I lost my 30 pounds while my soulmate and I were living apart for A YEAR! You talk about missin' girl... what a grieving miss, but God helped us to handle it, as he worked his new job in Iowa and I stayed in NC getting the house ready for market and sold. What a journey, but yes...God bless our men for the comments and RAH encouragement they give. He doles out the same comment your man does, and it makes me feel good not to mention thrilled that he himself is uber happy with the results. :-) Keep on Girl!! You are inspiration to me to keep at the grind of maintenance and not letting it COME BACK!!!! argh! NEVER!!!! Takes an immense amount of discipline doesn't it? I love your comment SKINNY feels better thatn any food could EVER taste! kudos. hugs!