Friday, November 18, 2011

Fighting those cravings!

I have a honest struggle to share with all of you. Last night I got home from work and got ready for bed, and as I am laying there all I could think about was the piece of left over pizza from the kids that was sitting in the fridge as well as my "old" favorite chips&dip that were in the house. It was driving me crazy!! I just wanted to get out of bed and eat until my heart and my stomach were content! At least 45 min. passed and then I remember nothing but the alarm going off this morning:) I did not get up and give in!! I was so happy:) I am a strong, determined woman who can do anything she puts her mind to!! Bring it on cravings I can handle you anytime:) Have a great day everyone!


  1. Good for you that you didn't get up! That's so great! I am known to get up on occasion, but haven't since I started this journey! It's hard sometimes :)

  2. woot...congrats...kudos...I have been wickedly bad in the giving-in department lately...still watching the scale though...but it's not so much THAT, now is it?'s eating what I really REALLY do not HAVE to have...just did because I wanted some..or so I thought. Went beyond my goal for losing, and now feel like - hey it's okay...UNH-UNH...that's why I pop over here to get my dose of accountability ...Good to read your willpower and determination to remind me it's a life long journey...Inside of me is a chocoholic and salty snack freak just waiting to have me let them loose to wreak havoc again in my life...HAH...V for victory girl. Keep posting. you are helping more people than you probably know. me included. :-) :-) *** SOOO sorry about the precious lab. I know it hurts...I have had 2 dogs put down.(one diabetes, one cancer) I can't stand to think about it happening with these 3 I have now... they have been with me through it ALL in my last year of transition and stress and moving ... what good good furbuds. :-)