Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween is over but the temptation lingers

Last night at work we had trick or treaters come and yes I had my share of those devilish minature candy bars. But I did good with my food choices besides that. Actually I was down 1.2 lbs. This morning, just from yesterday!! Don't ask me how I did it;) I will just take it and run with it(literally)!


  1. DANGER ZONE! I know it! the aftermath of Halloween goodies! And rather than doing the smart thing and buying candy that I don't like!!!....I bought CHOCOLATES! argh!..I am picking out some to keep under the dome where goodies stay here, and giving the rest to my son to take to school! I like having a "bite-size" chocolate fix here so that when I need my God-given chocolate craving......I don't overdo it! Keep it up! Women's bodies are crazy wierd with their weigh-ins. Hormonally and fluid-wise we are a constantly changing weight I AM SURE! And the same with our inner temps. I bet if we took our temps every day like weighing in....it would fluctuate constantly! Have an outstanding day. Win the small battles, and you will have victory in the WAR! RAH!! :-)

  2. Great loss! The Halloween candy sounds so dangerous it makes me glad we don't have it :p