Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Time for a new goal

Well it's almost December and it's time to set a new goal for myself.

First I have a secret to tell you...

We are suprising our kiddos with a trip to Disney for Christmas!!! They have no idea, so we need to keep this our little secret o.k.! ;)

I would like to lose 9 more pounds by Christmas. That would put me at a loss of 40lbs:) I know I can do it!! So this will be my December goal.

Plus I just bought a new 2 piece bathing suit to wear...so I better be feelin and lookin good!

O.k. so I am not going to look like this but I am ok with that:)

I cannot wait to suprise our kids they are going to be bouncing off the walls!!

I already can't sleep I am SO excited!!:)


  1. My husband and I are surprising ours for spring break. I love Disney!! I hope we get lots of pics! Jealous!

  2. What an awesome surprise! I can't wait to hear how your kids reacted! Maybe you can set up a "hidden" camera somehow?? How exciting!

  3. Oooohhhh, how exciting with that surprise! :D Can't wait to hear how that goes! I know I'd be screaming of joy if anyone took ME to Disney!

    Good luck on your goal, I will be cheering for you every single step of the way!