Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Changes

A short post on how far I have come this last year.

*The first picture is me this past summer on vacation.
I hardly recognize this person anymore.

*The last picture was me yesterday at our families Christmas party. 40 pounds lighter and trying on a beautiful apron I was given for a gift. ( I <3 aprons!!) Starting 2012 off with a bang.. I feel like I am keeping a little secret, since changing my diet:)

I guess I am still getting used to the huge variety of foods that I am now enjoying. I just feel a little like I am "cheating" still;)

Have a wonderful New Year everyone!!



  1. You look great and so healthy!! :)

  2. Enjoy "cheating" with all the healthy, carby alternatives. :) You look smashing, wow!

  3. You look amazing. You should share what you eat in a day for us. It'd be interesting.

  4. WOW! You look amazing! You have done a great job turning things around! I love WW- it really is a way of life that you can still enjoy foods that in the past we felt were "taboo" for a diet! Counting points makes me feel in control and I have no guilt when I have an indulgence!!!

  5. Very encouraging! You'll do great in 2012! :)