Monday, October 24, 2011

Mrs. Perfection meet Mrs "Me"

I find myself with this vision of how I will look when I get to my ideal goal weight...Perky breasts, small little waist and a smile that never leaves my cute little face. Realistically I will have shrunken saggy boobs from being stretched to kingdom come and back during my 3 pregnancies and that's the first thing that gets smaller when I start losing weight:P. I will probably still think my butt and hips are still to big and I am pretty sure I will still think I am "fat". I really hope my idea of "perfection" is content with the new and improved "Me". My new and improved self will be content with how much I have accomplished during this journey, be thankful for the extra energy that I will have each day to enjoy activities with my husband and kids. Love MYSELF no matter what the number on my fancy scale says or what number my tag says inside my designer jeans. I will love myself for ME and be Grateful for the smile that never leaves my face because of this goal that I have accomplished!! "We can do all things through him that gives us strength!!"

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