Monday, January 2, 2012

First weigh in of 2012- Weigh in #14

Well after my vacation to Florida and basically eating more carbs than I had in months I was up about 8 lbs. I didn't do a weigh in last week because of illness.

This being the first weigh in of 2012, I am super excited about my weigh in this week considering how much I was up and switching over to Weight Watchers from a Low Carb diet I knew there would still be a gain...

+3.2 lbs.

This is wonderful considering I was up more. When you switch over to a different diet there are a lot of things you body needs to adjust to. Everything is going so well with the switch that 3.2 lbs. is not going to get me down....I will lose it next week:)


  1. I agree with you, and what a wonderful perspective. I gained +4 when I switched from low carb to low cal, but they disappear fast :)

  2. keep on target....RAH! In the woman's world, whether she is dieting, getting in shape, or just maintaining...her weight will always, ALWAYS go up and down in every 30 day cycle...It is what it is...Our bodies fluctuate consistently...Any female who weighs in every single day at the same time is aware...KNOWING the cycle is what keeps it all in perspective. :-) Weight is what we make of it! Healthy eating and healthy bodies on the other hand are the FOCUS!! Yay for you! :-)