Friday, January 20, 2012

Weigh in early or wait until later?

Ok dilemma...

What time of the day is best to do a weigh in?

I usually weigh first thing EARLY in the morning like I did today, but now when getting myself all "pretty" for the day I thought I would step on the scale another time...since it was just sitting there calling to me;)

Let's just say I LOVE my scale! Down another .6 lbs.

I am thrilled!! I will add that to my total for todays weigh in. So that brings me to a total loss of -40.0 lbs. Lost so far!!!!!!!


  1. Yea!! That's awesome, you are doing great. I always weigh in the morning. I am finding if I have a hard workout the night before it doesn't see as much movement on the scales in the morning though.

  2. As long as its the same time every day. Chances are if you were down 0.6 lbs a few hours after weighing its a normal thing. Our weight fluctuates a lot through the day

  3. 40lbs is amazing -- we all know you worked your tush off (literally) for it! congrats!

  4. I usually find I'm heavier later n the day, so I weigh myself in the morning. Or if I really can't resist, try and keep in mind that I weigh heavier at night!