Friday, January 6, 2012

MIND over matter

I was messaging with a dear friend today and we were discussing weight loss/dieting of course. I was reminded of hard hard this journey has been for me so far. No matter how much weight you have lost 10, 20, 30+ pounds it is hard work!! I was telling her a little bit about how there were many nights where I would go to bed early in tears because I was so "hungry" and just wanted to go to sleep and not think about food any more.

Food has so much power over us, but our minds have more. It wasn't a phsical hunger I was experiencing, it was a mental hunger. The key is to know the difference.

I fight everyday to make the right choices and keep on fighting the "food war" that I am having with myself. It is not an easy thing to do...

I will share something very personal with you that a "friend" said to me the other day. She says to me during our conversation "You look great don't get me wrong, but you know how it goes. What are you going to do when you gain it all back? That's what happens to everyone, it's like a roller coaster ride, enjoy it while you can!"

Ok, first of all this is not a true friend, if they say this to you!

I replied to her with this "NO, actually it's not. This is my life and I am changing for my health not just my apperance or the number on the scale! This is for good, you will see.

Working hard each day to prove these people wrong,



  1. You told her! I could not imagine saying that to a friend! You won't gain it back-here's to being skinny healthy Mama's!

  2. sad but common...and only because it is WHAT IS THE NORM!...therefore expected with the many who attempt weight loss, yo-yoing over and's all about the NUMBER on the scale, and what SIZE clothing they can get down to....or it appears to be about this. Don't dismiss the friendship just because a "friend" thoughtlessly (as in NOT thinking ) or carelessly commented about what is the usual diet story ending. Shed the offensive feelings, and set out to prove her opinion of most dieters as: "WRONG in your case." :-) You alone know what your deepest motivation is to really do this for good. and I believe you have SOLID reasoning and evidence to stick to this. With your witness of what has happened in your family health-wise...I believe you will stick to it this time. Again, it's Not about the workouts becoming routine and the food put in your mouth becoming "healthy" as MUCH as it is about the MINDSET behind WHY you are committed forever. Mind over Matter every single time. This is my view on the whole journey of weightloss in a person. Obsession about the scale reading and Feeling deprived because you can't have what you WANT...will always LOSE the battle. Anything worth doing in life is NEVER easy...and to do Great things, we have to do HARD things. Easy accomplishments are never as appreciated or as accomplishing as something that we have had to take on with a warrior's a never-let-your guard-down war for most people. Discipline. Determination. Diligence. DO IT mentality. just commenting to encourage you to expect those comments from people...they are usually not meant to tear down...just what they are used to seeing...SO set out to Stand Out from the masses! GO Girl!

  3. Mental hunger is such a horrible beast to fight. It's an ongoing battle!

    And yes, you WILL show that "friend". What a pathetic thing to say!

  4. What a horrible thing for someone to say to you! I am glad set her straight!!

  5. Wow ... I can't believe she said that! It's very tough to deal with unsupportive people, especially with weight loss.