Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Talking about yogurt #3

Hello again:)

I am catching up on things now that my computer wants to work correctly:)

Here is the yogurt I taste tested today-

You have to try this it is delicious:9
*2 WW points

I have nothing bad to say about this yogurt. I even caught myself shutting my eyes and licking the inside of the lid pretending it was frosting...It was that good!! It is a "Must Try" :)

Here's my Lunch one again today:)

*The Lean Cuisine meal= 7pts.
*The Pretzles are AMAZING!! 2pts for 10

I had a glass (1cup) of this for a snack. YUM-O I feel like Rachael Ray every time I type or say that;)

*1 cup= 90 calories, 1.5 fat, 2 fiber

Here's what's for dinner tonight:)

Homemade Loaded Baked Potato Soup(recipe from Gooseberry Cookbook)
I saved a lot of points for a cup of this tonight considering I do not know the point total...but it is worth it!! It taste amazing!

Who knew I had so much to talk about today:)



  1. wondering what the calories were in the WW yogurt.., since I don't know point values in their system...and I JUST had those pretzels, and yes they are awesome! Usually we have the plain or original kind, but I grabbed these just to taste for those SALT craving moments... love em. :-)

  2. i loveeeeeeeeeee silk & i went to soy milks kickin' & screamin'!

    i say yummo all the time!

    thanks for stoppin' by my blog & commenting -- i ♥ bob too!

    newest follower :)

    misadventures of a chunky goddess