Friday, January 13, 2012

Week in review

So I am taking a good hard look at the things I have been eating this week. I have come to some conclusions.

*1- I have been eating way to many processed foods!

*2- I have been feeling very bloated since switching diet plans. This is caused by too much salt in my diet.

*3- I drink way to much diet pop.

*4- Since switching diets I now haven't been eating enough protein.

All in all I think this contributed to my stand still on the scale this week. I am going to do somethings different this next week and eat more whole foods and add eggs back into my diet. No coffee for a week and less pop...more water. Let's see how this impacts the scale at the next weigh in.


  1. Good luck to you! Protein is my fav, keeps me fuller longer! Oh, and you already know about my salt issues..reducing that will realllllly help!

  2. Hi there! I found your blog from Jent's Front Porch! Wow! Congrats on your weight loss and good luck to you! I to need to drink less pop and more water but I love my diet Pepsi! I am enjoying your blog. Happy Friday!

  3. I am coming to the same conclusions. This week I am cutting out added salt and I am going to try to reduce the amount of processed foods I eat. No soda really but I can not give up my coffee yet though. :) I just drink more water to balance it out. Good luck this week, praying for you!