Tuesday, January 24, 2012


While getting ready this morning I put on my cute new jeans and my favorite black belt and well...its time for a new belt! It doesn't go any smaller!! Whoot hoot:-)

I also wanted to share with you something that I shared with my husband this morning. As I was standing on the scale this morning checking my progress. I realized "I haven't been this weight since 2002!" (My middle daughter was 2 years old then, and now she's 11) I told my awesome husband this news and he was excited for me as well:)

A quick bragging moment for me here, did an incline of 13 yesterday and kicked some butt;) literally! Lol

P.s. a sneek peek into Fridays weigh in...I have been telling my husband how close I am to hitting the 45 pound mark:) and he is going to take me to get a new outfit if I hit it this week! And trust me I will:-)