Thursday, January 12, 2012


Good Morning everyone!!:)

I first of all want to say my husband is such an amazing man! He bought me a gift a few days ago and I absolutely LOVE IT!

iPod Touch, 2 cases, gift card, and an arm band to put it in when I walk:) God has blessed me beyond measure!!
This is a picture of my husband and little boy taken this fall.

I feel like I shouldn't be rewarded for losing weight because it isnt about that. The rewards have come in other ways... Health, mind and soul. This was a wonderful suprise though and am enjoying every minute of listening to it:)

My hope is for all of my blogger friends to have wonderful and supportive people in their lives to be a role model or "cheerleader".


*This is how I wake up each morning and go about my day:)


  1. How fun! Love that case, too cute!

  2. That is awesome! I love that little sign you have there from God. We must remember that every day.

    P.S. Can you have your husband send mine a note? ;)

  3. That's great! You are very lucky to have your husband's support.

    I have that arm band and it's very handy!

  4. Awesome !!!! :-) Kudos to da man! rah.

  5. What a sweet post and sweet Hubby! Loved reading your uplifting blog:)

  6. Your little boy is a cutie. I have 3 daughters and 1 son, and I am LOVING the whole boy thing (crazy as it may be lol). What a sweet and thoughtful gift!