Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Talking about yogurt

Over the next few days I will be doing a review of different types and flavors of yogurt. I have a very picky palette so this should be interesting:)

I figured this would be a fun thing to do and share with you my opinions on each one.

I will post about the first yogurt later today:)

I would love to hear about any of your favorites as well, so please share!! :)


  1. I am a Greek yogurt girl. I like Chobani- but it is expensive. My husband made yogurt for a while... Food Lion then came out with a Greek Yogurt that I liked and was affordable. I eat plain now- but in the beginning I would eat flavored or add my own fruit or sugar free preserves. Who knew I would have so much to say about yogurt!?! :) LOL!

  2. I've never tried greek yoghurt, what makes it different from other kinds? I love anything with fruit or berries, but I don't like the french style yoghurt, it's too runny. I like mine a bit "firmer". :)

  3. I HATE greek yogurt...I'm a huge texture person and it felt a little grainy and it was really thick on my tongue...Just thinking about that makes me gag a little. I like the Yoplait light (the kind you can only get in the states and that I make trips down to the good ol USA to get) and my favorite flavor is apple turnover.

  4. I like both greek and regular. The WW stuff is very sweet, but I also enjoy the Yoplait light with all of their yummy flavors. There is one WW one I like though, it's the caramel spice cake. Hard to describe the flavor but it's amazing!