Thursday, January 5, 2012

Talking about yogurt ~ Taste test #4

Good Morning everyone!!! Hope you day is going terrific:)

Here is what I was hoping to have for Breakfast this morning.

Yuck!! I know that is not nice, but I had heard so many good things about FAGE that I was expecting more. More being the operative word here. There was just not enough flavor for me. The fruit flavor you had to add was good there just needed to be more.

At 130 calories, and at $1.53 each. I give this a 2 thumbs down. Now I need to come up with something else for Breakfast this went in the trash!

On to a happier note:) Here is what I am going to have later today...

I love this because it has 2 individual servings in this box. So one for another day:) @ only 5pts! The only question now is should I have this for a snack or part of my lunch? ;) Oh to have such worries...hehe.

P.s. I am switching things up a little for 2012. I am going to be weighing in on Fridays now, starting watch for a Week #15 weigh in post:)



  1. Oh the spinach artichoke dip looks lovely!

    May I ask why you're changing weigh days? I see people have their theories about the "best" days, I've just always done Mondays and not given it any thought!

  2. ouch...bad breakfast day...hope you had something good to take its place. I'll remember that one! thanks for the calorie count on the WW one. best wishes on the weigh-in! :-)