Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wrappin' it up

Today I am wrappin' up my yogurt taste testing fun:)I have had fun doing this, I always enjoy sharing my opinions with you. I hope this has helped some of you:0)

Here is #5: Chobani Greek Yogurt, 140 calories, 0 fat, 0 fiber. Was over $1.00 in price for 1.

I thought this yogurt had a nice creamy texture, not to sweet and just enough of the fruit on the bottom to add in. It's a must try!

Yogurt #6:

Apple Pie Yogurt...I am SOLD! At 100 calories, this was my second favorite by far. The first being the caramel WW yogurt from a previous post. If you love Apple Pie you will love this! The chunks of apple are to die for:)Super creamy and .80 a piece this yogurt is worth it for sure!!

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. Stay strong and faithful to yourself and your diet. See you all back here on Monday!



  1. awesome reviews michelle -- i don't eat dairy anymore but i think you nailed the reviews as i have tried most of the yogurts!

    happy saturday!

  2. Chobani is one of my favorite Greek-style yogurts (after Fage - I buy the plain and add my own fruit or honey!). The blueberry and mango are my favorites!

  3. this looks like a MUST try...for sure. Now you have my taste buds' curiosity going! :-) How fun. you'll have to do some more food studies that are healthy and low cal for snacking or meals! hugs and Happy weekend.

  4. I want apple pie yogurt too! I don' think they have them in Canada yet. At least, not where I live. :(

  5. Ohhh, apple pie yoghurt... mmm.. drool :D