Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello Monday!

Well did everyone have a wonderful weekend?

I feel like time just flew by and here we are it's Monday again! I worked all weekend so I don't have anything exciting to tell you about really. I did do a little shopping though:) I bought a few new shirts, a pair of tall chocolate brown boots a new sweater dress and a new pair of jeans. Which I was in desperate need of! We cleaned our closet out this past week and I loaded up my van with all my "fat" clothes and away it went.

Then I really thought about it...
I was actually sad! Some of those things were my favorite, and I was sad to see them go. But I am happy not to be that size. The girl who fit in those had a sore back(from her large chest), no energy and didn't always feel the best about herself...but NO more:) I am feeling the BEST ever.

Contentment feels soooo....good!!

I am no longer in a hurry to lose the weight, I know things are slowing down and I am ok with that. It will come off a little at a time and I will get to my goal!



  1. Did the same recently.. although I took mine on 12/31 so as to get the tax break from the donation :) It was so good to empty out my closet. Five large trash bags worth gone. I still have more to get rid off, but I will wait to do a 2nd trip later this year when I hope my new fitting shirts and jeans will be too big for me.

  2. Yay for feeling good...Yay for fitting into smaller clothing...Yay for donating...Yay for settling into the "slow and steady" wins the race and.. KEEPS IT OFF mindset! as you state...One step at a time! STAY STRONG!. Cheering for you. :-)

  3. awesome -- out with the old & in with the new! change is good!

  4. it took me awhile to get rid of my fat clothes. They went from closet to bag to attic to out the door (eventually). Why the heck did I even put them in the attic??

  5. Buh-bye fat clothes. Hello, new and pretty skinny clothes.:)

  6. I know what you mean! I dread having to part with my favorite sweater, because my grandmother made it for me. But when I lose weight it will be soooo big I can't wear it!